Exploring the streets of New York City is one of my favorite things to do. Looking for new discoveries or going to recommended ones, I never stop. This is not a traditional food blog. I don't focus on restaurant reviews, or cooking tips; but I find specific items that you absolutely must try. Whether it be a cranberry donut or the best cappuccino. The focus isn't on the usual, but the cheap, the best, and the hidden.

I am always looking for new places to go! Send me a tweet, or leave me a tip of your favorite place or find in the comments!

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All photos taken with my iPhone 4


Dunwell Donuts has figured it out. They make awesome donuts. All of the time. Every flavor. They’re organic, artisanal, and VEGAN. Don’t stop reading. I didn’t know Dunwell was vegan until the third time I went. In this case, vegan is just a silent awesome bonus. Pictured here is the strawberry rhubarb donut. Dunwell manages to make each donut the perfect crisp, slightly sweet, doughy, chewy, light, and airy. This is now my favorite donut shop of all time. What’s great about Dunwell, is you dont feel weighed down after a donut or 3. It’s an amazing sensation you’ll have to try for yourself.
Dun-Well Doughnuts

222 Montrose Avenue, Brooklyn
(347) 294-0871

Closed Monday’s
Tuesday-Friday hours 7:00am–7:00pm
Saturday and Sunday 8am-7pm

Northern Spy. On the Highline. Could we live in a more perfect world?


Anyway. I take you west to the Highline for the pork sticky roll at the Northern Spy Food Co. cart. Dessert and pork? This treat is not only incredibly confusing, but supremely delicious. Look up complex in the dictionary and you are likely to find a picture of this roll. It’s tough to figure out if this is a dessert, or if it’s more of an appetizer; do you have coffee with it? I say its appropriate to eat whenever and however you want. The cinnamon pork, maple and Dijon glaze, and yes, parsnip icing make for quite the flavor explosion. Coming in at $3.75 (credit cards accepted), it’s tough not to crave one of these multiple times per day.

Tip: get it to stay, and find a nice place to sit on the highline
Tip: grab a coffee from Blue Bottle’s stand right behind you.

Location: Upper Chelsea Market Passage, on the High Line at West 15th Street
Hours: Monday – Wednesday, 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Thursday – Sunday, 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

As I sit just off of canal street in Everyman Espresso, I can’t help but feel completely satisfied. Basking in the window, leisurely sipping my coffee and noshing my donut. Does it get any better than this? Then Mr. Blue Sky comes on, and you realize any and all questions are silly. The cafe is so compact, yet so perfect. For seating, there’s a small table in “the back” (no more 15 ft from the door) , the two window seats, and a sliver of a bench in between. The baristas are incredibly attentive and furiously cleaning every inch of the bar seemingly at all times. This is certainly a well oiled ship. Donuts are supplied by no other than DOUGH, and are what we have come to love. The hibiscus donut has the perfect slighty crisp frosting, and chewy center. The flavor, never overpowering, deceivingly tastes as if it may be good for you. Not much to say about the iced coffee. Counter culture is the bean, and its every bit as good as its ever been. Everyman also concocts sodas by P&H. I sampled the sarsaparilla, which may only be described as the perfect refresher on a hot day. Everyman is my new go to in the area.

Tip: get it to stay. It’s such a great environment.

301 W Broadway

Ok fine; cookies. I’ll do a post on cookies. I’ve finally found one that haunts my dreams. It’s at Hungry Ghost in Brooklyn. See how I did that?! Haunts? Ghost!? No? Whatever man! My humor is tres sophisticated.

Anyway; cookies. This very well may be one of the best I’ve ever had. Now, I don’t know if the cookie people were just having a great day, or they make dreams come true on a daily basis, but people of the world, let me tell you. THIS COOKIE WAS FREAKING GREAT. Hungry Ghost also has one of the nicest cafe’s I’ve seen anywhere. Beautiful tables and chairs, great lighting, and sweet art. Go to Hungry Ghost, hang out, and have a chocolate chip cookie.

253 Flatbush ave
(718) 483-8666

LEGEND. What does it mean? How do you become one? Can a bakery be, legendary? If I had to put money on a bakery to achieve greatness, well, I’m betting on Dominique Ansel in Soho. Walk in the door, and you immediately know you’re outnumbered. After some super advanced mathematical calculations I realized there’s just too much pastry, and not enough tummy space. Know this, it’s expensive. I found some things lacking, some too sweet, but one in particular just RIGHT. REAL RIGHT. Grandma right. You get what I’m sayin? The almond croissant teleported me back to Christmas morning 1989 (I was 1), when I first breathed in the heavenly aroma that was my grandmas brioche. The same brioche often requested by Doris Duke. Thereby, I recommend the almond croissant. Get it. Be adventurous and try a few things. Just make sure to order an almond croissant.

Tip: get it to stay. there’s an outdoor and indoor garden in the back

189 Spring St.
(212) 219-2773

It’s no mystery La Colombe is my most frequented cafe in the city. I love their coffee. I drink near 20 iced coffees a week. But today, today was different. One of the baristas sat down next to me and asked if I have ever tried the americano. Regretfully, I told him I hadn’t. The next few words that he spoke to me, resonated through my body and restructured everything I thought I had known he simply described the americano as, “the truth.” So everything I’ve know has been lies up to this point? I can’t live in a world of falsities especially when the truth is within my grasp! Let me tell you this, the americano is not for the faint of heart. Containing no less than 4 shots of espresso, and still coming in at $2.50; have mercy! The truth has been spoken!

La Colombe

319 Church Street
212 343 1515

270 Lafayette Street
212 625 1717

400 Lafayette Street

Ah, summer. The most wonderful time of the year! That’s right! You can’t have Italian ice on Christmas! But where can you find quality Italian ice? It’s just not as easy to find as it used to be. I’ll give you a hint, it’s at this Italian place. Ok it’s a pizza place. Fine, it’s at Bens in soho. Maybe the best ice I’ve ever had, creamy and and spot on, surprisingly fresh flavor. The watermelon tastes like a frozen just picked watermelon. If its artificially flavored I’ll dip myself in gravy and dance on the rooftop. You can’t go wrong with any flavor. An old classic, and new favorite.

Tip: order from the to go window. They usually attend to you faster
Tip: get multiple favors.
Tip: bring cash, $10 card minimum

Famous Ben’s Pizza
177 Spring St
(212) 966-4494

Well, this is awkward. Goodbye, cappuccino? HEY! THAT WASN’T SO BAD! Well it won’t be once you try Eataly’s new summer cappuccino. You know I’ve been a longtime fan of the whipped version, but this newer “colder” (as they describe it) version is just incredible. They whip the milk into a marshmallow like consistency. Yep, marshmallow. I’ll stop there. Eataly. You know where it is. Go get some.

Tip: get it to stay. The huge glass just makes it.

Please please please do yourself the favor, no, the pleasure, of consuming a pastry from Mille-Feuille. Maybe something like this raspberry almond croissant? It could very well be one of the most delicious things you’ll eat this year.

Tip: get there early, they sell out
Tip: grab a coffee and pastry and walk 30 seconds to Washington square park.

552 Laguardia Place
212 533-4698

Sadly, this venue is now CLOSED. Super healthy awesome natural reasonably priced goodness. That’s my summary of this post. You like? Read on. Bonobos is just a fantastic place. The description is best left to them. I’m extra excited about a few things in particular. Coconut chai. Just ridiculous how good it is. It’s a daily routine changer. You’re body is going to require at least 4 of these per week. It’s a simple blend of fresh young coconut, spicy sweet chai masala, and organic raw agave. THAT’S IT. Everything here is made in house. Including the coconut water. The sweets vary from day to day. When I went, the truffle called to me. It’s really rich, but in that healthy rich way. It’s really decadent; and is best described as a ball of sweet health. Ingredients? Walnuts, pecans, dates, and agave; rolled in carob and mesquite powder. I LOVE carob, but it’s an unfamiliar flave to most. Go ahead and try it out. It’s actually good for you.

Lunch to snack to dinner to coconut water to…EVERYTHING, in the Flatiron.

Tip: eat here. The food is incredibly fresh and ridiculously good for you.

Tip: take your meal to go to Madison Square Park. It’s across the street.



18 East 23rd street