Exploring the streets of New York City is one of my favorite things to do. Looking for new discoveries or going to recommended ones, I never stop. This is not a traditional food blog. I don't focus on restaurant reviews, or cooking tips; but I find specific items that you absolutely must try. Whether it be a cranberry donut or the best cappuccino. The focus isn't on the usual, but the cheap, the best, and the hidden.

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All photos taken with my iPhone 4


Sugar Daddy’s and Trophy Wives.
So I took this day trip out to San Diego. I live in LA at the moment, so I figure I should be doing this sort of shit now. day trips and experiencing the same weather up and down the coast. 
It’s always the same.
Like, I could really use some rain in my life right now. 
Anyway- I’m out here in the SD thinking about the zoo and how I’m finding my way to the penguins-  the most sartorial of all animals bro- gala appropriate at all times.
That’s when I happen upon this amazing coffee shop. 
Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.
Fair trade- which is a big deal if you don’t know- EDUCATE YOURSELF http://birdrockcoffee.com/farm-cup/
Like most cafes out on the West coast, there’s plenty of space to bring your laptop and do whatever you do,
One of my favorite trends I’m noticing on the coffee scene are the specialty coffees. I’m not talking about the sugary coffee bean shit that some places do, but something you might order if you actually want coffee.
For example, Bird Rock has the ‘trophy wife’ and ‘sugar daddy’. 
The trophy wife is a macadamia nut latte. ITS NUTZ 😒
Not sugary at all, perfectly balanced and smooth.
Just go ahead and order the gender appropriate beverage. 
Can’t be a dude ordering a sugar daddy. unless that’s your thing.
I don’t know, could be.
Get your beverage to stay, relax, and enjoy what Eater says is one of the essential coffee shops in the America. 

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

Address: 5627 La Jolla Blvd, San Diego, CA 92037

Who is Alfred?

I don’t know, but he’s the shit for opening what could be the most LA coffee shop of ALL TIME.  
I’m talking steez central. 
Want to peep a super uncomfortable Jonah Hill hitting that caffeine pipe?
Aaron Eckhart, kind of fake hiding in plain site? Yea I was in a Batman movie, SUP?
It is THE place to see and be seen while chilling and watching G-wagons roll by. Extra foam on my latte please- gonna be here all day.
Alfreds is tucked away on what is one of my favorite hideaways in la, melrose place. There are a bunch of stores you don’t have the money to shop in, and some places to eat you could probably afford an appetizer. 
They serve the always solid stumptown and have some sandwiches and salads if you’re just too famished from that power walk you took in Runyon. 
The wifi is good, and its one of the few areas you can actually walk around. There’s also plenty of seating, including an outdoor sidewalk situation. Tres chic.
How can I not love a place who’s slogan is ‘But First, Coffee.’ 
HELL YES. I’ve been telling people that since 88’.  
Alfred Coffee & Kitchen
8428 Melrose Place A
Los Angeles, CA 90069

So I’ve never really been a fan of cookies. I don’t know, maybe I had a bad childhood or something that lead to this ambivalence toward cookies.

PSYCH- I love cookies and my childhood was fucking awesome. Moms a certified stunner and my dad is a straight G. I was basically the kid you see on that huge pack of toilet paper and wonder how a baby could be so perfect. ME.
Real problem probably was my mom made the best cookies- ONLY AT CHRITMAS. She’s all into that healthy lifestyle or whatever, so other than Christmas all I had access to was the cookie aisle at CVS. Real talk.
Milk Jar cookies it the real deal. First off- to be able to support a brick and mortar store on cookies alone- you best believe these cookies are legit- they pay more rent than you and your 6 roommates. 
Now I’m a fan of a thin cookie. Crispy on the outside, chewy in the middle situation. These are fat cookies. They look like the first cookies you made as a kid and severely fucked up on. Your mom said use small pieces of dough, and you were all like naw mom, I’m going to drop fist size pieces on here and wild out with these oversized cookies in my room. 
Milk Jar Cookies manages to make this huge mini pie looking cookie, but has all the tendencies of a thin crispy one. Me not being one to care how miracles take place accepts this fact, and you should too.
The two I had were amazing. Raspberry white chocolate, and oatmeal chocolate chip. The cookies tasted as good as I hoped, if not slightly better. Huge rarity as I am disappointed a solid 80% of the time. 
Thats right, I go around eating a ton of sub par sweets so you guys don’t have to. You even know how much time I spend in the gym for the cause?
From the looks of things, I don’t think there is a cookie that you would be bad, so order with confidence. 
  1. Address: 5466 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Hansel and Gretel’s Downtown Food Haus!

Wiener. Sausage. Wiener. Sausage.

Cool, now that we got that out of our system, let’s talk about food. Specifically German sausages.
Cue Wurstküche.

Located in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles, you’re going to need to don your most hipster cool swag like it ain’t nothin to ya. Dad jeans, a beat up flannel.. maybe some flyknits? PERFECT.

Saunter in to this German fort of an establishment (it’s huge and hidden by this fairy tale vine situation) and immediately you see a case of sausages. Grab a 

menu and decide just how dope of a boss you’re in the mood to be. They call themselves the purveyor of exotic grilled sausages - and they ain’t lying. Sausages are divided up into “classics,” “gourmet,” and “exotics.”

Classics consist of your usual bratwurst and hot Italian variety. Cool, but let’s keep going. Mango jalapeño? Filipino maharlika? You’ll find those under gourmet. Then there are exotics like duck & bacon with jalapeño peppers and rabbit, veal, & pork seasoned with white wine. Thank you for blessing us sausage GAWDS.

As a consumer of exotic grilled sausages, I can tell you there is no wrong way to order. That is unless you fail to order these 100% legit Belgian fries with home made dipping sauces. Don’t even begin to feed me that weight watcher BS or the summer is coming excuse. We all know what season it is. As my boy Kanye SAYS, bow in the presence of greatness.

Don’t sleep on the beer selection, either - 24 imported biers on tap? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Now go my little Wiener schnitzels, Wurstküche awaits.

Address: 625 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 

Phone:(213) 687-4444

Dunwell Donuts has figured it out. They make awesome donuts. All of the time. Every flavor. They’re organic, artisanal, and VEGAN. Don’t stop reading. I didn’t know Dunwell was vegan until the third time I went. In this case, vegan is just a silent awesome bonus. Pictured here is the strawberry rhubarb donut. Dunwell manages to make each donut the perfect crisp, slightly sweet, doughy, chewy, light, and airy. This is now my favorite donut shop of all time. What’s great about Dunwell, is you dont feel weighed down after a donut or 3. It’s an amazing sensation you’ll have to try for yourself.
Dun-Well Doughnuts

222 Montrose Avenue, Brooklyn
(347) 294-0871

Closed Monday’s
Tuesday-Friday hours 7:00am–7:00pm
Saturday and Sunday 8am-7pm

Northern Spy. On the Highline. Could we live in a more perfect world?


Anyway. I take you west to the Highline for the pork sticky roll at the Northern Spy Food Co. cart. Dessert and pork? This treat is not only incredibly confusing, but supremely delicious. Look up complex in the dictionary and you are likely to find a picture of this roll. It’s tough to figure out if this is a dessert, or if it’s more of an appetizer; do you have coffee with it? I say its appropriate to eat whenever and however you want. The cinnamon pork, maple and Dijon glaze, and yes, parsnip icing make for quite the flavor explosion. Coming in at $3.75 (credit cards accepted), it’s tough not to crave one of these multiple times per day.

Tip: get it to stay, and find a nice place to sit on the highline
Tip: grab a coffee from Blue Bottle’s stand right behind you.

Location: Upper Chelsea Market Passage, on the High Line at West 15th Street
Hours: Monday – Wednesday, 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Thursday – Sunday, 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

As I sit just off of canal street in Everyman Espresso, I can’t help but feel completely satisfied. Basking in the window, leisurely sipping my coffee and noshing my donut. Does it get any better than this? Then Mr. Blue Sky comes on, and you realize any and all questions are silly. The cafe is so compact, yet so perfect. For seating, there’s a small table in “the back” (no more 15 ft from the door) , the two window seats, and a sliver of a bench in between. The baristas are incredibly attentive and furiously cleaning every inch of the bar seemingly at all times. This is certainly a well oiled ship. Donuts are supplied by no other than DOUGH, and are what we have come to love. The hibiscus donut has the perfect slighty crisp frosting, and chewy center. The flavor, never overpowering, deceivingly tastes as if it may be good for you. Not much to say about the iced coffee. Counter culture is the bean, and its every bit as good as its ever been. Everyman also concocts sodas by P&H. I sampled the sarsaparilla, which may only be described as the perfect refresher on a hot day. Everyman is my new go to in the area.

Tip: get it to stay. It’s such a great environment.

301 W Broadway

Ok fine; cookies. I’ll do a post on cookies. I’ve finally found one that haunts my dreams. It’s at Hungry Ghost in Brooklyn. See how I did that?! Haunts? Ghost!? No? Whatever man! My humor is tres sophisticated.

Anyway; cookies. This very well may be one of the best I’ve ever had. Now, I don’t know if the cookie people were just having a great day, or they make dreams come true on a daily basis, but people of the world, let me tell you. THIS COOKIE WAS FREAKING GREAT. Hungry Ghost also has one of the nicest cafe’s I’ve seen anywhere. Beautiful tables and chairs, great lighting, and sweet art. Go to Hungry Ghost, hang out, and have a chocolate chip cookie.

253 Flatbush ave
(718) 483-8666

LEGEND. What does it mean? How do you become one? Can a bakery be, legendary? If I had to put money on a bakery to achieve greatness, well, I’m betting on Dominique Ansel in Soho. Walk in the door, and you immediately know you’re outnumbered. After some super advanced mathematical calculations I realized there’s just too much pastry, and not enough tummy space. Know this, it’s expensive. I found some things lacking, some too sweet, but one in particular just RIGHT. REAL RIGHT. Grandma right. You get what I’m sayin? The almond croissant teleported me back to Christmas morning 1989 (I was 1), when I first breathed in the heavenly aroma that was my grandmas brioche. The same brioche often requested by Doris Duke. Thereby, I recommend the almond croissant. Get it. Be adventurous and try a few things. Just make sure to order an almond croissant.

Tip: get it to stay. there’s an outdoor and indoor garden in the back

189 Spring St.
(212) 219-2773