City of Flies

Coffee Commissary is becoming one of my favorite coffee shop pseudo chains. It’s not a full blown chain like the SBUX, but it has more than 2 locations. At what point do you qualify as a chain anyway? Cant find anything on wikipedia about these qualifications. I’m going to say 3 or more = chain. Fair? 

Commisarys location at Siren Studios is great. its kind of hidden away, not the sort of spot people that aren’t working on site will be in. This means < crowded. The iced cappuccinos here are just perfection. Easily one of my favorites in the city of flies. I call LA the city of flies bc there is a major fly problem here and people need to know bout it bout it. I don’t remember seeing ANY flies in nyc, but for real, you can be in the chicest restaurant in the city and flies will be OUTCHEA. Luckily there aren’t really any flies at Siren Studios.
Huge bonus is the fact that free range la tends to park it right outside for lunch. uh, #winning much?
Coffee Commissary
6087 Sunset Blvd

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food trends that transcend the trend

So I’m on abbot kinney- easily the coolest place to stroll down the street rocking a fresh alphet sipping that intelligentsia. I’m feeling good, damn good. Then I see this place called chop daddy’s, essentially an all bbq sandwich spot. Now I’m feeling great. Chop Daddy’s has a very lunch counter feel. There’s nowhere to sit, just a simple bench like table. I order at the counter- a very rare no struggle “I know what I want” moment- their signature sammy with smoked bbq pork belly, homemade coleslaw, on a brioche roll. I MEAN..
Pork belly has been having this cupcake type popularity on the food scene. Am I over cupcakes? Yea. Am I over pork belly? NA. NEVER. 
Do I occasionally indulge in a cupcake, sometimes. When I’m at those events and they’re passing em out, I have to let everyone know how disappointed I am with a forced groan before I regretfully eat 2-3 cakes. Like, doesn’t the party planner know cupcakes are #basic now??
My order quickly comes out. This dish comes down to one thing. The quality of the pork belly. That’s it. 
So I was wrong- the porkbelly was amazing, and the coleslaw and bbq sauce bring this dish to the next level. It’s harder than you think to find that perfect crispy/juicy porkbelly combo. Clearly the pitmaster at chop daddy knows whats good, bc this sandwich is no joke.
Chop Daddy’s 
1146 Abbot Kinney Blvd
(310) 450-1533

Delis you wouldn’t find in manhattan

Ever since I lived in Greenpoint- off the grim reaper of trains, the G, I began to heavily rely on the corner deli. Like pre-greenpoint gentrification of radness. Yea, the good days. I remember going to GOD BLESS DELI on the DAILY. Like, fam, I stopped in there religiously for some of their basic deli goodness. It always took forever, and you were never really stoked on what you got, but it’s a corner deli. 
There’s a serious lack of these venues in la. Not that anyone other than me is complaining about this issue. So you can imagine my shock when I’m crushing this hike on mulholland and I come across a deli on this mountainous region. YEA, A DELI IN THE MOUNTAIN. It’s called the Laurel Canyon Country Store. It felt like some middle earth discovery shit. One minute I’m hot and exhausted, next theres this deli mirage that turns out to not be a mirage. In fact, it’s quite the spot. There’s this incredible, I mean INCREDIBLE coffee stand outside the shop, that single handedly made me the best iced americano I’ve ever had. Was I ready? Na kid, NA. Organic honey to boot? This isn’t real life. I’ve got this coffee- I’m feeling good. I go inside and they have some quality stuff. A really curated type of deli situation. I decide to throw down for a sandwich as well. I’m in this magical place that I’m still not convinced isn’t a mirage, so I’m thinking i take advantage. You know how auntie anns pretzels are super artificial and awful, but they’re the best bc sometimes we all love that artificial fake flavor? I mean you could get one of those artisan pretzel joints, but it’s not the same as that modified ready made just bake stuff. This is that sandwich. It’s not a high quality deli. No ones mistaking this for whole foods- but what you get is a super authentic old thyme (peep that spelling) deli sammy. I recommend the number 3 no mustard, with thousand island aka russian- but you don’t need to listen to me, I’m just a food blogger.
Laurel Canyon Country Store
2108 Laurel Canyon Blvd
(323) 654-8091

Donation based potatoes 

I dig sweet potatoes. I mean, they’re like everything I love about reg potatoes but orange and have infinitely more health swag. restos in la have all types of sweet potoato options. I mean I can just about money back guarantee you any cafe you end up at will have sweet potatoes for you. Altho I can’t give you any money back bc I don’t have the budget for that and I do this shit for free- so you’re welcome for keeping you based on all sweet potatoe knowledge. You can go ahead and click that soon to appear donate button on the bottom of my page - much thanks in advance. 
I know this all turned on you fast, but hey, life comes at you like that. Like will smiths dad always said, if you stay ready, you never have to get ready. 
You can hit donate again for that life advice too. 
But really- the sweet potatoes at Coral Tree Cafe are next level. It’s really a simple dish. Roasted sweet potatoes, a variety of colors, and this chipotle sauce. The secret to this dish being in sed sauce. Spicy, sweet, creamy, light. It’s everything and nothing all at once. I know that haiku caliber  description may have flown right over your head, and thats ok. You’re going to be ok. Its all going to be ok.
Coral Tree Cafe
11645 San Vicente Blvd
(310) 979-8733

more from sqirl

it’s obvious I can’t get enough from Sqirl in silverlake.
Here’s the brief update.
Had some more super delicious dishes. It’s really becoming the standard here tho. I may start to notify you only if I have something bad. Can anyone deal with all these updates anyway? At what point will you just try Sqirl so I can top writing about it? I’m tired, you tired, Jesus wept. BOUND. 
The bacon needs to be a standard with everyones meal here. Like water, order it with everything. Get it on top, on the side- wherever. Just get it. 
The Crispy rice. Yea, alright. I must say Sqirl still surprises me. This rice.. is crispy, has a somewhat asian flare, and is something I’ve never had or saw coming. It’s tangy, salty, crispy, and just perfect. HIGHLY RECOMMEND DIS DYSHH. 
Speaking of surprises, sqirl comes out of nowhere with carpaccio. Definitely not one of the first things I’m thinking a cafe is serving. It also happens to be incredible. Easily one of the best things I’ve had from Sqirl.
So light, refreshing, and full of flavor.
Simple dishes done well like this are HARD to come by.
The Shakshuka is everything I hoped it would be. The sauce has serious flavor, with charrred tomato, pepper broth, and this perfect piece of toast to soak up that sauce. Break that egg over the top and then you’ll know the true meaning of life. 
As I’ve been saying, go to Sqirl. 
720 N Virgil Ave
(323) 284-8147
its lonely at the top. all this shrimp- no one to share it with.
I’ve got a weird relationship with chinese food. its been my de facto food of choice since 87’. YEA, BEFORE I WAS BORN SON. I was in the womb like, eyy lemme get a side spring roll and some moo goo gai pan.
Then every birthday I decided basic chinese takeout was the way to go. always kept it a hundo. i always got scared off by ‘nice’ chinese restuarnts tho. it just never tasted as good as the sus hole in the wall joints that actually had you looking for the health code letter grade and wishing you had at least drafted a will. 
So i come upon this place down on fairfax. genghis cohen.
ok, so the name is amazing. supposed to be genghis khan…but cohen is .. are you getting this??
its funny- trust.
But real talk, this has to be my new favorite chinese place of all time. They do everything in the classic americanized chinese food way that we all know and love, but it somehow feels different and new. but what really won me over were the spare ribs and walnut shrimp. Like genghis cohen, oh based chinese god of la, how do you do it?? the ribs are beyond words. indescribable. the best chinese ribs I’ve ever had. CONSISTENT too. i went 3 times in the same week, thats how i know, no judging tho.
The shrimp is lightly crisped, with this light walnut flavor. its a massive portion, and can easily be a dinner for 2 with a side of rice. you have to order the crispy noodles on the side, and they charge you for them, but i’d rather pay for these perfectly warm freshly made crispy babies than eat the lame free ones from other wannabeez.
on top of all of this, i got bomb fortunes from my cookies here. 
Genghis Cohen
740 N Fairfax Ave
(323) 653-0640

I dont trust anything in beverly grove area. I don’t know, i think its just such a populated area- its like times square. I auto assume nothings going to be fly over here. You never walk through times square looking for the neighborhood hole in the wall. Nobody’s mistaking the flagship m&m’s store for that, sorry. So when I found myself in a desperate coffee panic- I mean too panicked to operate my iPhone to find another option- I go into nearest option in sight, Kings Road. To my horror, they proclaim they’ve been serving la’s finest coffee since 1990. Well almost any and every super sus place in new york proclaims they’ve got worlds best xyz, so Im already upset. With my desperation so high, coffee on jet blue airways was sounding good. So I order my new standard iced capp. I’m looking over at the espresso machine and watching the barista, slowly realizing this might be LEGIT. 

Cappuccino comes and I can just tell, visually this could be la’s finest. froth game out of control, which is harder to find than you’d think. Coffee is amazing- crazy bold and strong.
Apparently the food is great here too, but all I need to know for now is the coffee situation at Kingsroad is real.
Kings Road Cafe
8361 Beverly Blvd

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Joans on third has to be one of my favorite places to go. Not only to eat, but grab a coffee or just chill outside and look at people looking at me, looking at other people. Maybe I’m just used a similarly vibed place- dean and deluca that has ripped me off over the years in nyc. Anyone thats been to soho knows- its situated on this corner, so convenient- you’re just like, yea imma cop a salad and iced tea real quick, real fuckin quick. then you realize the salad is for someone that has a real salary and isn’t worried about credit card debt due to kanye x apc. But you’re committed and hungry so you check which credit card has some room. 

At Joans you get what you pay for. It’s a market cafe, so you order at the counter, and they bring the food to your table. Its just delicious stuff. Last time I went, I ate this short rib sandwich- so damn good. The bread was toasted perfectly, and it’s buttery. The rib was moist and full of flave. Even the little side cup of pickles was amazing. You know its quality when the side pickles are worth talking about. I LOVE JOANS ON THIRD GUYS. 
Joan’s on Third
8350 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

There are few things I love more than fried chicken. Very, very few. So when I found out my fave Sunday farmers market situation, free range la, was taking it to the streets a la truck, you can imagine my uncontrollable excitement. 

This team is smart. Whoever is behind this next level operation knows what’s up. They daily menu changes THREE TIMES a day. Breakfast lunch dinner. And you’re thinking, oh cool, so fried chicken and egg sandwich for breakfast, some variation of that for lunch, and then some other variation for dinner. Wrong. The menu is uber creative. Spicy avocado toast with an egg cooked INSIDE the sourdough. Fried chicken tacos with chipotle balsamic sauce… Can I stop?
You could honestly eat free range daily, and never get tired of it. One of my favorite things- they park outside a few of my favorite coffee shops for breakfast like coffee commissary and Stumptown. What else is there in life?? The chicken is crispy and fried GOLDEN on the outside. Juicy and tender on the inside. I don’t know how they pull this off on a truck. Chicken magic. Biscuits are fresh too. They make them every morning. Buttery and flakey. Some of the best biscuits I’ve ever had. A chicken truck shouldn’t be good at so many things. It’s what makes these guys so special. Free range is one of my absolute favorite food spots PERIOD. Anywhere.
Follow them on Instagram to see what they’re cooking up and where they be. 

Feelin like frodo in the shire. 

I think if I had to describe silverlake in one word, it would be hipster. If I had 2 words it would be hipster and delicious. So many damn good places to eat; like when I search best nearby on yelp, it prompts me with a turn down for what pop up. 
Last week I tried this very farm to table vibe place called Forage. Farm to table has to be one of my favorite buzz words for a restaurant. I’m a total sucker for it. If Mcdonalds started some sort of farm to table program I would probably fall for it- be all like, “look ma! I’m eating healthy!” :/
But forage is a legit farm to table, local, and family run situation. Places like forage make me feel like I’m out in the shire. Super homey vibes, out in the woods feels. I imagine if went to Sam Wise Gamgee’s house I’d get a similar meal. Menu is constantly changing, and the good is INCREDIBLE. I was really stressing out when I walked in. A beautiful spread of choices fill the counter, along with a menu of additional options. I went with this perfect pork belly sandwich, a plate of some salads and fish I chose, and this airy lemon pie. The pork was perfectly crisped, and tender to Merriam websters description of the word. The pie was exactly what I wanted. Light and airy, just like they tell you at pastry school in France. Na, I didn’t got to pastry school in France, or anywhere actually, but I imagine a teacher named Cesar with a sweet mustache constantly reminding you to make it light and airy. 
I can’t wait to go back to Forage. 
Forage la
3823 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026