Exploring the streets of New York City is one of my favorite things to do. Looking for new discoveries or going to recommended ones, I never stop. This is not a traditional food blog. I don't focus on restaurant reviews, or cooking tips; but I find specific items that you absolutely must try. Whether it be a cranberry donut or the best cappuccino. The focus isn't on the usual, but the cheap, the best, and the hidden.

I am always looking for new places to go! Send me a tweet, or leave me a tip of your favorite place or find in the comments!

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All photos taken with my iPhone 4


The Ace Hotel New York is amazing. It is one of my absolute favorite places in this city. Not only does it have a great lounge, bar, and restaurant (The Breslin); but it is connected to Stumptown Coffee. The duo create the perfect coffee experience. Expertly made coffee and espresso drinks, with the relaxed and cool vibe only the Ace Hotel could provide. The secret treasures lie in the pastry case. By far, the best and most popular item is the french toast. Words cannot come close to describing how perfect it is. Get there early enough to secure a piece for yourself, and order one of the best mochas you will ever have while you’re at it.

Another of the best and hidden, found.

Additional finds: Any drink from Stumptown, most of the pastries, free wi-fi code from the concierge desk, the Breslin., the bar.

Tip: If the line for Stumptown is beyond long, take a seat in the lounge and order from a waiter. A small gratuity is included, but it is well worth the time saved.

The Ace Hotel New York

20 west 29th st.

(212) 679-2222

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

18 West 29th st.

(212) 679-2222