Mirrors, black, gold, cool lights. This is obviously the formula for sexy. Add coffee and you have a sexy coffee cafe. I’m talking about Kava Cafe. A beautifully designed space, now open by the High Line. While I’d appreciate a bit less counter space and a bit more seating, the few barstools are in line with the new wave of coffee bars that push standing room only. The coffee is Stumptown, and my cappuccino was on a par with others around the city. But where I was really blown away, (aside from the acceptance of credit cards!!!!!!) was the fact that they carry caneles. I spotted 2 lonely ones overshadowed by a massive scone. Ever since the infamous 25 calorie canele article, I’ve been on the hunt. Although steep at $3.75, I must tell you, I was actually blown away. I mean blown to pieces; only able to reconstruct myself enough to realize that I must buy the other one. Immediately. These caneles are really indescribable. Go ahead and just cube each one of the adjectives for me. Moist, perfect, best thing ever. It was sweet, but at the same time wasn’t. This is really one of my favorite pastries in the city right now. It’s the perfect coffee accoutrement. So go to Kava Cafe. Get a canele or 3, and sip your cappuccino in the company of the too cool for school meatpacking folk.

The angel food cake heir, found in a cafe.

Tip: Get a canele

Kava Cafe

803 Washington St.

(212) 255-7495


Monday-Friday 7-7

Saturday-Sunday 8-8