You say cream-puffs, I say who cares! Ok go.. You: “cream-puffs!” Me: “Who cares!” This was my stance on the dessert known as cream-puffs before this past Saturday. Oh that fateful day, when my life would be forever changed by a magical little bakery I’d like to call home. Cruising around the lower east side I saw a shiny red sign poking out from the worn down basically dilapidated buildings of the LES. I’m curious. I go inside and I’m already kind of impressed. Muffins baked individually, a slick clean design, TONS of space, clean artwork, plenty of tables, and cream-puffs. The staff is amazingly friendly. I ask for help deciding on what to order. They even let me taste the various cream-puff fillings to help me pick. Not only are the prices amazing, there are daily specials which always gets me excited. Like what, you say? How about passionfruit or black sesame cream-puffs? Or the extremely intriguing smoked mozzarella egg puff? The breakfast sandwiches made in puffs are still calling me. Anyway, to me specials show a level of excitement by the owner or chef, and usually result in a better product. When selecting my treats, the girl helping me dropped the words “fresh out of the oven.” Yea give me one of whatever that is, which happens to be the mango coconut muffin. I also go with a mini cream-puff filled with freshly cut strawberries and an iced coffee. Muffin? Money. Just fantastic. Fresh mango pieces and a slight hint of coconut. The top and side had the perfect crisp and crust, while the inside was just moist as any muffin could dream to be. Definitely one of the best muffins I’VE EVER HAD. The cream-puff was delicious as well. I opted for a mini, which was perfect, and I recommend getting because of the variety of flavors. I’ve yet to have something that isn’t great at this gem of a bakery. According to their twitter, the chocolate chip cookies have gotten rave reviews from customers. Really, you can’t go here without getting a muffin though. I know it’s a cream-puff place. But this is the cheap the best and the hidden, and who would go looking for a muffin in a cream-puff place?! I’m haunted by their muffins, I need to try them all. Sour cherry, pear ginger, strawberry banana, banana chocolate chip, banana walnut, blueberry bran?! They have quite a selection at a time, but I am always lured by that which is fresh out of the oven. Gets me every time. So go, get a cream-puff, many muffins, and relax in a beautiful cafe, tucked away on the Lower East Side.

cream-puffs to be excited about.

Tip: Ask to try the different flavored fillings

Tip: Get a few mini creampuffs so you can eat more!

Tip: Get a muffin and ask to see what is fresh out of the oven.

129 Eldridge Street

(212) 966-6775

Open Mon 8am-5pm; Tue-Fri 8am-7pm; Weekends 9am-7pm

129 Eldridge St