I’m always in the mood for angel food cake. I think everyone is. Just try and come up with a scenario where you would say, ” nah man, this situation would be way better without angel food cake. Thanks though!” Hard, right? My main problemo with angel food cake is the fact that I have to buy an entire cake to have some. Well, that is until now. Ready yourself for the absolute best angel food cake, with various flavors, and sold by the slice. POW! That’s how I felt when I walked into Yura on Madison. Individually wrapped slices, coated in delicious chocolate or lemon icing. Not only is the icing perfect, but the cake was everything you could hope for and then some. It’s only $3.25 per slice as well! For the size and quality, it’s a steal.

Angel food cake, dropped from heaven.

Tip: I went after 5, and they were discounting prices. 2 for $5. May not be an everyday thing.

Yura on Madison

1292 Madison Avenue, New York

(212) 860-1707

Mon-Fri 6:30 am- 8

Sat- Sun 7 am- 5