City of Flies

Coffee Commissary is becoming one of my favorite coffee shop pseudo chains. It’s not a full blown chain like the SBUX, but it has more than 2 locations. At what point do you qualify as a chain anyway? Cant find anything on wikipedia about these qualifications. I’m going to say 3 or more = chain. Fair? 

Commisarys location at Siren Studios is great. its kind of hidden away, not the sort of spot people that aren’t working on site will be in. This means < crowded. The iced cappuccinos here are just perfection. Easily one of my favorites in the city of flies. I call LA the city of flies bc there is a major fly problem here and people need to know bout it bout it. I don’t remember seeing ANY flies in nyc, but for real, you can be in the chicest restaurant in the city and flies will be OUTCHEA. Luckily there aren’t really any flies at Siren Studios.
Huge bonus is the fact that free range la tends to park it right outside for lunch. uh, #winning much?
Coffee Commissary
6087 Sunset Blvd

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I dont trust anything in beverly grove area. I don’t know, i think its just such a populated area- its like times square. I auto assume nothings going to be fly over here. You never walk through times square looking for the neighborhood hole in the wall. Nobody’s mistaking the flagship m&m’s store for that, sorry. So when I found myself in a desperate coffee panic- I mean too panicked to operate my iPhone to find another option- I go into nearest option in sight, Kings Road. To my horror, they proclaim they’ve been serving la’s finest coffee since 1990. Well almost any and every super sus place in new york proclaims they’ve got worlds best xyz, so Im already upset. With my desperation so high, coffee on jet blue airways was sounding good. So I order my new standard iced capp. I’m looking over at the espresso machine and watching the barista, slowly realizing this might be LEGIT. 

Cappuccino comes and I can just tell, visually this could be la’s finest. froth game out of control, which is harder to find than you’d think. Coffee is amazing- crazy bold and strong.
Apparently the food is great here too, but all I need to know for now is the coffee situation at Kingsroad is real.
Kings Road Cafe
8361 Beverly Blvd

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There are few things I love more than fried chicken. Very, very few. So when I found out my fave Sunday farmers market situation, free range la, was taking it to the streets a la truck, you can imagine my uncontrollable excitement. 

This team is smart. Whoever is behind this next level operation knows what’s up. They daily menu changes THREE TIMES a day. Breakfast lunch dinner. And you’re thinking, oh cool, so fried chicken and egg sandwich for breakfast, some variation of that for lunch, and then some other variation for dinner. Wrong. The menu is uber creative. Spicy avocado toast with an egg cooked INSIDE the sourdough. Fried chicken tacos with chipotle balsamic sauce… Can I stop?
You could honestly eat free range daily, and never get tired of it. One of my favorite things- they park outside a few of my favorite coffee shops for breakfast like coffee commissary and Stumptown. What else is there in life?? The chicken is crispy and fried GOLDEN on the outside. Juicy and tender on the inside. I don’t know how they pull this off on a truck. Chicken magic. Biscuits are fresh too. They make them every morning. Buttery and flakey. Some of the best biscuits I’ve ever had. A chicken truck shouldn’t be good at so many things. It’s what makes these guys so special. Free range is one of my absolute favorite food spots PERIOD. Anywhere.
Follow them on Instagram to see what they’re cooking up and where they be. 

Why you go to Portland other than to put a bird on it.

Yo, so I remember nyc, in the days pre coffee renaissance. Back when the illest brew was dunking donuts iced coconut coffee. DOUBLE SHOT PLZ. Which, fyi, is still bomb. Then suddenly all these coffee spots started opening up. Like, REAL coffee spots. The first one I remember was Stumptown at the Ace. Until this point I though Stumptown was a place I’d only experience when I made it to Portlandia. I mean its inevitable nike would get me out there at some point- have you seen my steez?? Air max game serious. Plus I have at least 2 lampshades with birds on them. Well my grandma might- #inthefamily #counts
Stumptown in ny made a splash- and I specifically remember because I was so pissed off having to carry cash around for the only cash only spot outside of Brooklyn and delis with $10 minimums. Yea, #stillsalty Yea, Im #madbro
So here I am today, in LA, and I find a stumptown out here. Not the 2x4 box you find in new york at the Ace, and NOT cash only. So we all know this place is a fucking massive win with me already. It’s bright, airy, they accept plastic, and there’s free wifi. The coffee here is amazing. Everything you’ve come to expect from a stumptown. I usually go on tap iced, add some liquid honey, and boom- perfection. I find it tastes a bit like whiskey- probably alone on this; regardless its great. 
Pastries are amazing too. had a buckwheat cherry scone this morning. I would order it again. It’s that good. 
So next time you find yourself in the arts district of la, do yourself a favor and stroll on over to this champion of a coffee shop.
806 S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90021

It’s no mystery La Colombe is my most frequented cafe in the city. I love their coffee. I drink near 20 iced coffees a week. But today, today was different. One of the baristas sat down next to me and asked if I have ever tried the americano. Regretfully, I told him I hadn’t. The next few words that he spoke to me, resonated through my body and restructured everything I thought I had known he simply described the americano as, “the truth.” So everything I’ve know has been lies up to this point? I can’t live in a world of falsities especially when the truth is within my grasp! Let me tell you this, the americano is not for the faint of heart. Containing no less than 4 shots of espresso, and still coming in at $2.50; have mercy! The truth has been spoken!

La Colombe

319 Church Street
212 343 1515

270 Lafayette Street
212 625 1717

400 Lafayette Street

Score one for Kava Cafe. With competition from the newly improved High Line, Kava now has a back garden to sit in and enjoy your java. It’s no High Line, but if you’re not feeling the few hundred tourists lurking in the park above, the back garden at Kava is pretty fantastic. 

There are a few things that get me to love a place. One of the things that is becoming hardest to find, is a space. Let me explain the context in which I am using “space”. When I say “space”, I mean the look, feel, people, music, light, comfort, outlets, wifi, location, etc. This sort of “space” (yea I’m saying “space” a lot, sue me) is becoming harder to find in New York City with the recent shift toward coffee bars and the anti laptop movement. What if I told you there is a place which feels amazing, the people are cool (not Ace Hotel, Williamsburg Bridge, or LES trying to be cool), amazing music (think classics you actually want to hear), bright and airy, comforting, outlets EVERYWHERE, wifi, and in an amazingly private, yet convenient location. Well, I’m telling you. I haven’t been this impressed with a place in a while. Partly because I’ve never seen anything like it. Everything excites me here. From the center island coffee bar, to the surrounding tables that you can sit at and just have coffee. The walls are covered in beautiful photos that you actually stare at, rather than just notice. There is a real New York cool about this place. The majority of patrons are on their laptops, and broadcast this positive, “let’s make it in the world feeling.” I’m telling you, it’s major and motivating. The coffee is amazing; I’m especially impressed with the french press (it’s huge, accompanied by a tiny heated milk, huge plus), and the cappuccino. Pastries are good. We’ve all had better, but the chocolate croissant has a delicious pudding/mousse sort of filling that is a few miles ahead of enjoyable. Of course a doughnut hole is always hard to hate. You may need the name as well. Cafe Minerva.

What a coffee bar should be, in the West Village.

Tip: Sit at the bar. You feel productive and cool.

Tip: Don’t pass the cafe. No signage, just a sleek iPhone like glass storefront.

Tip: The french press is big enough for 2 

Tip: free wifi

304 W 4th St.


Mirrors, black, gold, cool lights. This is obviously the formula for sexy. Add coffee and you have a sexy coffee cafe. I’m talking about Kava Cafe. A beautifully designed space, now open by the High Line. While I’d appreciate a bit less counter space and a bit more seating, the few barstools are in line with the new wave of coffee bars that push standing room only. The coffee is Stumptown, and my cappuccino was on a par with others around the city. But where I was really blown away, (aside from the acceptance of credit cards!!!!!!) was the fact that they carry caneles. I spotted 2 lonely ones overshadowed by a massive scone. Ever since the infamous 25 calorie canele article, I’ve been on the hunt. Although steep at $3.75, I must tell you, I was actually blown away. I mean blown to pieces; only able to reconstruct myself enough to realize that I must buy the other one. Immediately. These caneles are really indescribable. Go ahead and just cube each one of the adjectives for me. Moist, perfect, best thing ever. It was sweet, but at the same time wasn’t. This is really one of my favorite pastries in the city right now. It’s the perfect coffee accoutrement. So go to Kava Cafe. Get a canele or 3, and sip your cappuccino in the company of the too cool for school meatpacking folk.

The angel food cake heir, found in a cafe.

Tip: Get a canele

Kava Cafe

803 Washington St.

(212) 255-7495

Monday-Friday 7-7

Saturday-Sunday 8-8

Coffee is served on a silver tray. Let’s just start there. You’ll feel like you’re in a scene from Inglorious Basterds (it’s a good thing). The coffee comes from Julius Meinl in Vienna. Yea, like not Vienna New Jersey. Vienna as in Austria. Did I mention a little something called the Kaiser Melange ($5)? Oh, that’s just their fresh ground coffee with whipped cream. Maybe the BEST THING YOU’LL EVER HAVE. When your waiter is walking towards you with a Kaiser Melange on a silver platter, this may be the moment you realize you’re not in Starbucks anymore.. And in case you’re caught wondering, the Sabarsky Heiße Schokolad ($6.50), otherwise known as house made Viennese hot chocolate with whipped cream should also be orderedIt’s hard to go wrong with anything on this menu, but let me insist you order the Apfelstrudel ($8). Described on the menu as just apple strudel, but it’s really impossible to describe how far above amazing this is. It’s in the top 5 pastries I’ve ever had. Even the chocolate covered almonds ($3) are far beyond what you would expect. They’re not so much covered, as maybe dusted? Fabulous though. Just go here. Order. As Colonel Hans Landa would say, “Ah! Wait for the cream!” 

A time warp to another place and time, found.

Tip: Go on a weekday. There’s usually a 15 minute wait on the weekend.

Tip: Make a day of it. Go to the Met, stroll or ride through the park, and end up at Cafe Sabarsky. 

Cafe Sabarsky

1048 5th Avenue

Mon,Wed 9am-6pm

Thu-Sun 9am-9pm

(212) 288-0665

The SoHo game changer. Or maybe the best thing to happen to Soho since the Apple store. This has been a favorite of mine since its soft opening, and is already your favorite place; you just don’t know it yet. This is my hidden retreat in SoHo. It’s on the corner of Spring and West Broadway. Hidden?! Hidden on corner of Spring Street!? And West Broadway?! Yes, stop freaking out everyone and let me explain. Somehow there is a consistent calm and always available bench in this gallery turned coffee house. Maybe it has cloaking powers making it invisible to tourists, and only true New Yorker’s can see it. I don’t know, and I don’t care. This place is so unbelievably perfect, so just right, it’s uncanny. Intelligentsia Coffee is the coffee of choice, and it is expertly prepared. Even with zero customers in the shop, expect at least a 3 minute wait for your beverage. I wouldn’t have it any other way. This isn’t a pastry driven cafe although the raspberry thumbprint cookie is good . But what vaults Ground Support into the upper echelon of amazing for me? SANDWICH HAPPY HOUR. Gather yourself, I know, it’s a lot to take in. The sandwiches average about $9 during the day, which is pricey. But coming in around $4.50 each during happy hour should be illegal. They are beyond delicious. Personal favorites being the Cuban ( Grandaisy bread, free range turkey, berkshire pit ham, gruyere, pickles, peppadew relish, and dijon remoulade), and the Turkey picnic ( free range turkey, aged gouda, pickled red onions, bbq sauce, potato chips, bibb lettuce, and tomato). It really does taste like a picnic in your mouth. They panini press them until they are perfectly melted and warm. And finally, my latest discovery being a little peanut butter and jam sandwich. $1.50. Seriously. The perfect coffee companion, and I look for it every time. 

Peace and relaxation in SoHo, found.

Tip: On beautiful days, they open the side door, so head to the back of the cafe and score a seat by the doors or sit on the bench outside. It’s like a little hidden cove.

Tip: Go after 5 for the SANDWICH HAPPY HOUR!

Tip: Free and fast wi-fi. Network name is Dave. Password is drinkcoffee

Tip: There’s a foursquare promotion! Mayor gets free drip coffee.

Ground Support

399 West Broadway 

(212) 219-8722