Exploring the streets of New York City is one of my favorite things to do. Looking for new discoveries or going to recommended ones, I never stop. This is not a traditional food blog. I don't focus on restaurant reviews, or cooking tips; but I find specific items that you absolutely must try. Whether it be a cranberry donut or the best cappuccino. The focus isn't on the usual, but the cheap, the best, and the hidden.

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All photos taken with my iPhone 4


Let’s go a bit uptown, shall we? Welcome to the most Hungarian cafe outside of Hungary. Actually, I’m not even sure they’re as authentic. What I’m trying to say, is this place is legit. Andre’s Cafe. A typical looking place sitting on the upper east side, and that’s exactly why I went in here; to discover. And discover I did. Unquestionably the absolute best strudel. Anywhere. The river of regulars rushing in and out was a sign that I’d probably love it and be back. That assumption was correct. There’s an impressive pastry case, which definitely deserves some exploring, but focus on the pot of gold here. The strudel ($6) is huge. It can feed 3 to 4 people easily. It looks terribly average, but the taste in indescribably good. After you taste it, you wonder if you’ve ever really had strudel before, or if those were all lies (they were). Cherry pictured above, but the 2 recommended flaves are cherry cheese, and poppyseed.

Authenticity, tasted.

Tip: There’s a full restaurant in the back.

Tip: Make Sure they give it to you hot! 

Andre’s Cafe

1631 2nd Avenue

(212) 327-1105