I’m always in the mood for angel food cake. I think everyone is. Just try and come up with a scenario where you would say, ” nah man, this situation would be way better without angel food cake. Thanks though!” Hard, right? My main problemo with angel food cake is the fact that I have to buy an entire cake to have some. Well, that is until now. Ready yourself for the absolute best angel food cake, with various flavors, and sold by the slice. POW! That’s how I felt when I walked into Yura on Madison. Individually wrapped slices, coated in delicious chocolate or lemon icing. Not only is the icing perfect, but the cake was everything you could hope for and then some. It’s only $3.25 per slice as well! For the size and quality, it’s a steal.

Angel food cake, dropped from heaven.

Tip: I went after 5, and they were discounting prices. 2 for $5. May not be an everyday thing.

Yura on Madison

1292 Madison Avenue, New York

(212) 860-1707

Mon-Fri 6:30 am- 8

Sat- Sun 7 am- 5

This is something new. Well for those of us in our twenties. When my grandfather perks up and says, “oh! I know that place!”, you immediately know you’ve missed something. Apparently William Greenberg Desserts is pretty well established. A New York institution if you will. Anyway, if you like black and white cookies, hell, even if you don’t like black and white cookies, you’ll want to stop by William Greenberg Desserts for one of these. Now I’m sure you’re wondering, what makes this the best black and white cookie? I catch your drift. I haven’t really ever had a bad one either. Well, when you bite into this cookie, you can immediately tell something is different. Better. There’s an amazing amount of depth in this cookie, and the frosting is what really separates it from the crowd. Hey, the least you can do is go throw down the $1.50 for the mini b&w, then we can all be confused as to why this cookie is better than the rest. 

The best black and whites, since 1946.

Tip: Don’t mess around, just go for the black and white.

Tip: $5 credit card minimum

William Greenberg Bakery

1100 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10028-0327
(212) 744-0304

Open Weekdays 8am-6:30pm; Sat 8am-6pm; Sun 10am-4pm

I am rarely so overcome with excitement about a new discovery, that I almost don’t want to tell anyone about it, but at the same time want to tell everyone. Village Tart! Village Tart! I’m shouting it from the rooftops! This is one of the best espresso bar and bakeries in Manhattan, hands down. Walk in, and the first thing you notice is the expansive pastry case. It really is impressive, with each treat looking more appealing than the last. Deciding what to get is nearly impossible. The candied apple galette (green apple, caramel)($4.95) was unbelievable, like a freshly sliced apple infused with caramel served with a dab of creme fraiche. The grapefruit curd and almond frangipane ( vanilla sablee crust)($4.95) was really otherworldly. When I enjoy the crust as much as the rest of a pastry, there is magic happening. The seville orange poundcake ($3.50) is the perfect balance between moist and cakey, with orange jelly spread on the top served with creme fraiche. Finally, what they call a chocolate nutella skillet torte (toasted hazelnuts)($5.95) but is better described as the intersection of a brownie and smore. Just the right amount of gooeyness, moistness, warmth, and melt in your mouth chocolate flavor. I still can’t decide which is my favorite. The worst part of it all is the fact that there are at least 5 other items I am dying to try.

Tip: It has only been open for 2 weeks and is still in a soft opening. Go now before people discover it and the crowds take over

Tip: The french press coffee is a must order. One of the best coffees you will ever have. It makes about two and a half cups, so it is totally shareable.

Tip: Try a pizzette. It is shocking just how good they are.

Village Tart

86 Kenmare street

(212) 226-4980

Levain Bakery. While many foodies already know everything there is to know about Levain, for those of you who don’t, this is for you. This tiny hole in the wall bakery is home to some of the best cookies. Period. The chocolate chip cookie pictured here is truly amazing. They are constantly fresh out of the oven because there is always a line. The bakery was bustling and still baking at 4 pm on a Sunday. It’s worth the $4 and trip uptown.

Another one of the best, uncovered.

Additional finds: The other 3 cookie varieties: chocolate chip walnut, oatmeal raisin, and dark chocolate peanut butter chip.

167 West 74 Street

(212) 874-6080

A cookie that isn’t on any of the “best” lists. Petrossian Boutique’s candied ginger cookie. I cannot stop thinking about this cookie. It has the perfect balance between chewy and crispy. Sweet, not overly sweet. I called the bakery today, and they have the cookies available. Not only today, but they bake them year round! I was sure they would be seasonal! Each cookie is $3, and more than worth it.

Additional finds: Cappuccino, hot chocolate.

Another one of the best, uncovered.

The Petrossian New York Boutique:

911 Seventh Ave
(between 57th and 58th St.) 
New York, NY 10019