Sadly, this venue is now CLOSED. Super healthy awesome natural reasonably priced goodness. That’s my summary of this post. You like? Read on. Bonobos is just a fantastic place. The description is best left to them. I’m extra excited about a few things in particular. Coconut chai. Just ridiculous how good it is. It’s a daily routine changer. You’re body is going to require at least 4 of these per week. It’s a simple blend of fresh young coconut, spicy sweet chai masala, and organic raw agave. THAT’S IT. Everything here is made in house. Including the coconut water. The sweets vary from day to day. When I went, the truffle called to me. It’s really rich, but in that healthy rich way. It’s really decadent; and is best described as a ball of sweet health. Ingredients? Walnuts, pecans, dates, and agave; rolled in carob and mesquite powder. I LOVE carob, but it’s an unfamiliar flave to most. Go ahead and try it out. It’s actually good for you.

Lunch to snack to dinner to coconut water to…EVERYTHING, in the Flatiron.

Tip: eat here. The food is incredibly fresh and ridiculously good for you.

Tip: take your meal to go to Madison Square Park. It’s across the street.



18 East 23rd street