Why you go to Portland other than to put a bird on it.

Yo, so I remember nyc, in the days pre coffee renaissance. Back when the illest brew was dunking donuts iced coconut coffee. DOUBLE SHOT PLZ. Which, fyi, is still bomb. Then suddenly all these coffee spots started opening up. Like, REAL coffee spots. The first one I remember was Stumptown at the Ace. Until this point I though Stumptown was a place I’d only experience when I made it to Portlandia. I mean its inevitable nike would get me out there at some point- have you seen my steez?? Air max game serious. Plus I have at least 2 lampshades with birds on them. Well my grandma might- #inthefamily #counts
Stumptown in ny made a splash- and I specifically remember because I was so pissed off having to carry cash around for the only cash only spot outside of Brooklyn and delis with $10 minimums. Yea, #stillsalty Yea, Im #madbro
So here I am today, in LA, and I find a stumptown out here. Not the 2x4 box you find in new york at the Ace, and NOT cash only. So we all know this place is a fucking massive win with me already. It’s bright, airy, they accept plastic, and there’s free wifi. The coffee here is amazing. Everything you’ve come to expect from a stumptown. I usually go on tap iced, add some liquid honey, and boom- perfection. I find it tastes a bit like whiskey- probably alone on this; regardless its great. 
Pastries are amazing too. had a buckwheat cherry scone this morning. I would order it again. It’s that good. 
So next time you find yourself in the arts district of la, do yourself a favor and stroll on over to this champion of a coffee shop.
806 S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90021

The Ace Hotel New York is amazing. It is one of my absolute favorite places in this city. Not only does it have a great lounge, bar, and restaurant (The Breslin); but it is connected to Stumptown Coffee. The duo create the perfect coffee experience. Expertly made coffee and espresso drinks, with the relaxed and cool vibe only the Ace Hotel could provide. The secret treasures lie in the pastry case. By far, the best and most popular item is the french toast. Words cannot come close to describing how perfect it is. Get there early enough to secure a piece for yourself, and order one of the best mochas you will ever have while you’re at it.

Another of the best and hidden, found.

Additional finds: Any drink from Stumptown, most of the pastries, free wi-fi code from the concierge desk, the Breslin., the bar.

Tip: If the line for Stumptown is beyond long, take a seat in the lounge and order from a waiter. A small gratuity is included, but it is well worth the time saved.

The Ace Hotel New York

20 west 29th st.

(212) 679-2222

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

18 West 29th st.

(212) 679-2222