Coffee is served on a silver tray. Let’s just start there. You’ll feel like you’re in a scene from Inglorious Basterds (it’s a good thing). The coffee comes from Julius Meinl in Vienna. Yea, like not Vienna New Jersey. Vienna as in Austria. Did I mention a little something called the Kaiser Melange ($5)? Oh, that’s just their fresh ground coffee with whipped cream. Maybe the BEST THING YOU’LL EVER HAVE. When your waiter is walking towards you with a Kaiser Melange on a silver platter, this may be the moment you realize you’re not in Starbucks anymore.. And in case you’re caught wondering, the Sabarsky Heiße Schokolad ($6.50), otherwise known as house made Viennese hot chocolate with whipped cream should also be orderedIt’s hard to go wrong with anything on this menu, but let me insist you order the Apfelstrudel ($8). Described on the menu as just apple strudel, but it’s really impossible to describe how far above amazing this is. It’s in the top 5 pastries I’ve ever had. Even the chocolate covered almonds ($3) are far beyond what you would expect. They’re not so much covered, as maybe dusted? Fabulous though. Just go here. Order. As Colonel Hans Landa would say, “Ah! Wait for the cream!” 

A time warp to another place and time, found.

Tip: Go on a weekday. There’s usually a 15 minute wait on the weekend.

Tip: Make a day of it. Go to the Met, stroll or ride through the park, and end up at Cafe Sabarsky. 

Cafe Sabarsky

1048 5th Avenue

Mon,Wed 9am-6pm

Thu-Sun 9am-9pm

(212) 288-0665

I’m always in the mood for angel food cake. I think everyone is. Just try and come up with a scenario where you would say, ” nah man, this situation would be way better without angel food cake. Thanks though!” Hard, right? My main problemo with angel food cake is the fact that I have to buy an entire cake to have some. Well, that is until now. Ready yourself for the absolute best angel food cake, with various flavors, and sold by the slice. POW! That’s how I felt when I walked into Yura on Madison. Individually wrapped slices, coated in delicious chocolate or lemon icing. Not only is the icing perfect, but the cake was everything you could hope for and then some. It’s only $3.25 per slice as well! For the size and quality, it’s a steal.

Angel food cake, dropped from heaven.

Tip: I went after 5, and they were discounting prices. 2 for $5. May not be an everyday thing.

Yura on Madison

1292 Madison Avenue, New York

(212) 860-1707

Mon-Fri 6:30 am- 8

Sat- Sun 7 am- 5

This is something new. Well for those of us in our twenties. When my grandfather perks up and says, “oh! I know that place!”, you immediately know you’ve missed something. Apparently William Greenberg Desserts is pretty well established. A New York institution if you will. Anyway, if you like black and white cookies, hell, even if you don’t like black and white cookies, you’ll want to stop by William Greenberg Desserts for one of these. Now I’m sure you’re wondering, what makes this the best black and white cookie? I catch your drift. I haven’t really ever had a bad one either. Well, when you bite into this cookie, you can immediately tell something is different. Better. There’s an amazing amount of depth in this cookie, and the frosting is what really separates it from the crowd. Hey, the least you can do is go throw down the $1.50 for the mini b&w, then we can all be confused as to why this cookie is better than the rest. 

The best black and whites, since 1946.

Tip: Don’t mess around, just go for the black and white.

Tip: $5 credit card minimum

William Greenberg Bakery

1100 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10028-0327
(212) 744-0304

Open Weekdays 8am-6:30pm; Sat 8am-6pm; Sun 10am-4pm

Let’s go a bit uptown, shall we? Welcome to the most Hungarian cafe outside of Hungary. Actually, I’m not even sure they’re as authentic. What I’m trying to say, is this place is legit. Andre’s Cafe. A typical looking place sitting on the upper east side, and that’s exactly why I went in here; to discover. And discover I did. Unquestionably the absolute best strudel. Anywhere. The river of regulars rushing in and out was a sign that I’d probably love it and be back. That assumption was correct. There’s an impressive pastry case, which definitely deserves some exploring, but focus on the pot of gold here. The strudel ($6) is huge. It can feed 3 to 4 people easily. It looks terribly average, but the taste in indescribably good. After you taste it, you wonder if you’ve ever really had strudel before, or if those were all lies (they were). Cherry pictured above, but the 2 recommended flaves are cherry cheese, and poppyseed.

Authenticity, tasted.

Tip: There’s a full restaurant in the back.

Tip: Make Sure they give it to you hot! 

Andre’s Cafe

1631 2nd Avenue

(212) 327-1105